Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Strategy

In pursuit of sustainable operation and profitability, Transcend follows the principles of materiality to implement sustainable development. This approach aligns with international trends of balancing environment, society, and corporate governance while respecting stakeholders' rights. These principles are incorporated in Transcend's business activities and management guidelines to advance the objective of sustainable operation. Transcend established the "Corporate Social Responsibility Practice Guidelines " in 2014, which was revised into the "Sustainable Development Practice Guidelines" in 2023. By implementing corporate governance, developing sustainable environment, upholding social welfare, and enhancing information disclosure on corporate social responsibility, Transcend is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, thereby realizing sustainable development and harmonizing economic, social, and environmental development.

Implementing corporate governance
  • Establishing an effective corporate governance framework
  • Enhancing the functions of the board of directors
  • Respecting stakeholder's rights
Developing sustainable environment
  • Supporting energy conservation and carbon reduction
  • Implementing environmental protection and green business practices
Upholding social welfare
  • Adhering to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Caring for society and promoting community development
Enhancing information disclosure on corporate social responsibility
  • Enhancing transparency of corporate social responsibility information

The General Affairs Department serves as the main unit for implementing sustainable development. Department heads act as team leaders, aligned with the nature of their responsibilities, driving initiatives within the organization. While focusing on economic development, they also pay attention to social and environmental sustainability issues and actively engage in social contributions. Regular discussions on ESG matters, daily business promotion activities, and data aggregation are reported to the Chairman for a review of sustainable development implementation. Major projects that Transcend has been implemented include corporate integrity management, risk management, intelligent property management plan, and information security management. These key projects are reported to the Board of Directors once a year. Feedback and suggestions are given following a review of guidelines, execution, and future plans. The sustainability projects of 2023 were reported to the Board of Directors on November 6, 2023.

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