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As games become more diverse and gaming data grows exponentially, gaming machines require high-performance data storage devices. This includes high read/write speeds, large storage capacities, data security, and durability. In this highly competitive industry, finding a data storage solution that can address these challenges to provide excellent performance becomes crucial. Only with a high-speed, secure, and reliable data storage device can gaming machines deliver outstanding gaming experiences and gain the popularity among players.


  • Lottery Machines
  • Slot Machines
  • Electronic Table Games
  • Esports Games
  • Arcade Games
  • VR Games

Challenges & Solutions

Efficient Storage

Creating An Outstanding Gaming Experience

High-Quality and High-Performance Storage

With higher bandwidth and lower latency, Transcend's DDR5 memory modules significantly accelerate data read/write speeds. This means gaming machines can process large volumes of data more rapidly, delivering smoother and real-time gaming experiences. On the other hand, the DDR4 memory modules offer a cost-effective option while still providing good read speeds and data storage capabilities. Additionally, the PCIe SSDs leverage the NVMe PCI Express interface to deliver high transfer rate, offering faster read/write speeds and lower access latency that greatly enhance gaming machine performance and ensure smooth and responsive gameplay.

Security and Reliability

Uncompromising Data Security

TCG Opal Encryption Standard

TCG Opal 2.0 is an internationally recognized drive encryption. By implementing hardware-based encryption, this standard ensures reliable protection for game content and player data stored in SSDs.

With the TCG Opal encryption technology, Transcend's SSDs can securely store sensitive data using encryption algorithms, ensuring that the data remains unreadable and encrypted even in the event of unauthorized access. This measure protects game content and player data from unauthorized use or leaks, guaranteeing that the storage of data on gaming machines meets high-security standards.

Learn more about TCG Opal

Errors In Data Storage

ECC Mechanism Ensures Data Accuracy

In gaming machines, data integrity and accuracy are crucial for playing games. Transcend's SSDs and DRAM modules utilize ECC error-correction algorithm to automatically detect and correct bit errors in data, providing higher data reliability.

This technology allows gaming machines to rely on Transcend's SSDs and DRAM modules for highly reliable data storage. Whether in continuous operation or during extensive read/write operations, the ECC functionality ensures data security and stability.


Long-Term Continuous Operations

SLC Mode

The SSDs for gaming machines often read and write significant amounts of data, which may impact their durability over time. However, Transcend's SLC Mode SSDs utilize advanced memory technology, offering higher Program/Erase (P/E) cycles, allowing flash to endure more write operations without compromising performance or lifespan.

With SLC Mode technology that brings longer product lifespan to SSDs, disk replacements can be reduced, resulting in lower maintenance costs. This means gaming machines can run for extended periods of time without worrying about SSD reliability and lifespan.

Learn more about SLC Mode

24/7 Operation: Impact Of Heat On Performance

Customized Heatsink For Greater Heat Dissipation

Gaming machines require 24/7 operation, which may generate heat as the SSDs run in high speeds for a long period of time. Transcend provides two types of heatsinks- graphene heatsink and aluminum heatsink- for business clients. With professional and sophisticated design, these heatsinks effectively lower drive temperatures, prolong SSD lifespan, and ensure stable operation of gaming machines. The adoption of heatsink provides lasting stability and performance for gaming machines in busy casinos.

Long-Term Supply

Sustainable Long-Term Supply

Effective Product Lifecycle Management

Transcend possesses a comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) mechanism, adopting different management strategies at various stages to ensure stable supply and consistent quality. With over three decades of experience in memory product manufacturing, we maintain long-term strategic partnerships with renowned suppliers in the world, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality NAND flash memory and controller. We work closely with our partners to implement rigorous chip and memory packaging testing processes, guaranteeing product quality and reliability.

Embedded Software Solution: Control Center

To better manage data processing centers, Transcend's Control Center software allows instant management of edge storage devices, either on premise or in the cloud. Transcend also further utilizes the data accumulated to provide a reliable forecast and optimized advice, helping enterprises to analyze the demands and achieve higher cost efficiency.

  • Integrated and user-friendly interface
  • SDK (Self Development Kit) for seamless implementation in different operating systems
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) solution on AWS and Azure
  • OTA device update and efficient management
Learn more about Control Center

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