Press Release

Transcend Unveils The All-New MTE560P PCIe M.2 SSD: A Smart Storage Solution For Industrial Applications


Transcend Information Inc. (Transcend®), a global leader in industrial memory storage, has unveiled the all-new MTE560P M.2 SSD featuring an array of next-gen features. This innovative drive utilizes the PCIe Gen 4x4 high-speed interface, coupled with high-quality 112-layer 3D NAND Flash technology, and a wide temperature range. With the added incorporation of SLC Mode, Power Loss Protection (PLP), and TCG Opal encryption, the MTE560P is poised to help foster the growth and long-term resilience of smart trends across various markets including industrial automation, transportation, and 24/7 surveillance.


SLC Mode & PLP: Combining Durability, Sustained High Speeds, and Storage Integrity

Transcend's MTE560P is a solid-state drive that combines SLC Mode and PLP. Through SLC Mode technology, TLC flash can be simulated as SLC, enhancing flash endurance by up to 100K P/E cycles, while achieving sustained write speed performance. On the other hand, Power Loss Protection (PLP) ensures that the SSD prevents data corruption when the system encounters unstable power supply or sudden power loss/failure, thereby enhancing data storage integrity.


Enhanced Drive Reliability and Durability To Withstand Harsh Operating Environments

To ensure that critical data can be properly stored even in extreme environments, Transcend's MTE560P features built-in anti-sulfur resistors and Corner Bond technology to resist chemical contamination, external shock and vibration, and extreme temperature changes. The PCB is reinforced with 30µ" gold fingers to ensure stable signal transmission and significantly improve drive durability. Rigorously tested in-house, the MTE560P can operate stably in wide temperature (-40°C~85°C) environments, adapting fully to operating environments with rapid temperature fluctuations.


Advanced Data Security For Greater Peace of Mind

Transcend's MTE560P complies with TCG Opal 2.0 and IEEE 1667 standards, while also utilizing Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit hardware encryption technology to safeguard data, with additional support for Microsoft® eDrive. Best paired with Transcend's TCG Opal Toolbox software, users can set passwords, set the locking range, conduct pre-boot authentication, and access many other advanced security functions.


As a leading brand in the field of embedded memory and storage products, Transcend is committed to being a global innovator at the forefront of memory technology. We have a strong research & development team and experienced tech support team deployed globally, and our manufacturing base in Taiwan allows us to provide competitive storage solutions that help us stay at the forefront of the global market.


Transcend's MTE560P SSD comes with a three-year limited warranty.