Server / Workstation


DDR4-2666ECC Unbuffered MemoryCL=19

Stable, reliable operations are critical for both servers and workstations. Transcend's DDR4-2666 ECC-DIMMs are fully compatible with Intel® Coffee Lake and AMD Ryzen™ processors. The memory modules feature Error Correcting Code, which monitors data being transferred in and out of memory, and corrects any errors found. Each module is constructed of top-quality DRAM chips and is rated at 2666MHz, maximizing data transmission efficiency with a bandwidth of up to 21GB/s. Operating at a nominal voltage of just 1.2V, Transcend's DDR4-2666 ECC-DIMMs ensure a low electrical load on the memory controller, consuming up to 40% less power than standard 1.5V DDR3 DIMMs.


  • JEDEC standard 1.2V ± 0.06V power supply
  • 8 bit pre-fetch
  • Burst Length: 4, 8
  • 16 Banks (4 Bank Groups)
  • Support DBI mode
  • Support Command / Address parity detection
  • Support Data Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) for improved data reliability
  • Bi-directional differential data-strobe
  • On-die termination with ODT pin
  • Serial presence detect with EEPROM
  • On DIMM Thermal Sensor
  • Support ECC error detection and correction
  • 100% tested for stability, compatibility and performance

Order Information


Capacity DRAM Part Number Description
4GB 512Mx8 TS512MLH72V6H DDR4 2666 ECC-DIMM 19-19-19 1Rx8
8GB 1Gx8 TS1GLH72V6B DDR4 2666 ECC-DIMM 19-19-19 1Rx8
16GB 1Gx8 TS2GLH72V6B DDR4 2666 ECC-DIMM 19-19-19 2Rx8


DRAM Module

RAM Type
  • DDR4
  • 2666
CAS Latency
  • CL19
  • 4 GB
  • 8 GB
  • 1Rx8
Pin 288 pin
  • 1Gx8
  • 512Mx8
Voltage 1.2V
PCB Height 1.23 inches

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature 0°C (32°F) ~ 85°C (185°F)
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  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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